Electric dental wax knife Georg Schick Dental

Electric dental wax knife Georg Schick Dental
Georg Schick Dental

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The new electric wax knife is of a stylish and ergonomic design, captivating above all else with its outstanding material qualities and reliable technology. Discover new possibilities with efficiency To do justice to the claims of the system concept, the electric wax knife can be connected directly to the control unit of the new QUBE workplace system. Thereby it offers the unique possibility to operate it irectly from the central control unit in parallel with the motor hanpiece - and without additional control systems. Thus the wax knife from Schick Dental reaches a nes level in efficiency for networked operations. The main features: Precise wax modelling - stressless, safe and effective Even distribution of temperature at the tip of the instrument Quicker work time with shorter warm-up times and high performance Individual tips for all applications Saving on time, expenses and space with a central control unit Comfortable and safe operation All important parameters can always be held at a glance Ergonomic, ultralight handpiece from material not sensitive to temperature changes Cable length 180 cm
Lehenkreuz 12,
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