PH/ORP central monitoring and control system / medical CF Series Isopure

PH/ORP central monitoring and control system / medical CF Series Isopure
CF Series

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The CF Series Digital Monitor and Control System is our latest intelligent control system that will monitor ORP (Oxidization Reduction Potential) and pH at two separate locations through one controller. The system offers the ability to pre-inject REDUCITE™ to de-chlorinate pre GAC Media tanks. The CF Series acts as an intelligent controller that adjust the digital injection pump based on the real time ORP meter reading for the location selected. The amount of Reducite™ currently injected, the average amount injected for the day, and the days remaining in the current Reducite™ tank are displayed. The Reducite™ injected provides sufficient amount to react with chlorine/chloramines in the supply water as well as an Antioxidant for other oxidization materials in the supply water. In addition to the Antioxidant injection, the system will inject 30 gram/moles of Reducite™ as an oxygen scavenger to control microbiological contamination. The CF series will monitor the backwash/regeneration cycles and the schedules of all of the media tanks. The controller will alarm when a media tank backwash/regeneration flow is inadequate, or when a scheduled backwash/regeneration is missed. The backwash/regeneration cycle when completed is logged and displayed with the date the cycle occurred, and the average flow rate for each cycle.
  • Application:medical, pH/ORP
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