Hemodialysis water treatment plant / reverse osmosis / microfiltration Isopure

Hemodialysis water treatment plant / reverse osmosis / microfiltration Isopure

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The Multi-Patient Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment System MD400 Series is a complete FDA Registered system. Each system is custom designed for each application based on facility size, MD400 series size, and the constituents in the water to be removed. Each complete system includes a Thermostatic Mixing Valve for blending the supply water, a supply booster pump, a multi-media filter for removal of large particle contamination, a softener for removal of hardness, and dual carbon filtration which provides a worker and a polisher for removal of chlorine and organic material. For indirect feed systems, a storage tank along with Final filtration, distribution of water, and a final water quality monitor (MD600 series) are available. The complete system can also be automated with electronic controls, which monitor the media tanks controlling backwash/regeneration of the media tanks based on the amount of water consumed by the system. The operating pressures can be interfaced with the MD400 series and recorded. This data also is collected into a printable report by the MD400 series RO. The Complete system for the MD400 series meets or exceeds AMMI standard for Hemodialysis.
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