Dialysate delivery system Isopure

Dialysate delivery system Isopure

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The central bicarb mixing and delivery system is designed to consistently dissolve and mix sodium bicarbonate powder under ISO standards. The solution utilizes conductivity to mix the powder to the manufacturer’s specification for the powder. The design features of the system will monitor AAMI water quality temperature as well as mixed solution conductivity rejecting mixed solutions out of specification ranges. This design is to reduce human error in mixing concentrates. Central Bicarb Mixing and Delivery System Features: Regulated filling of RO water based on supply pressure in RO water distribution loop. Two tank system (one mix, one storage) 200 gallons (758 liters) total capacity Mix tank will re-mix every 30 minutes for 5 minutes until solution is transferred. Automatic rinse down of mix tank after solution is transferred Automatic rinse down of storage tank and loop at end of day Automatic refill of storage tank and distribution of RO water during non-operation hours of the clinic. 0.2 Sub-micron bacteria filter on distribution loop. Automatically fills mix tank with RO water to prescribed level indicated by powder manufactures based on batch selected, automatically mixes power based on batch selected. Operator required adding powder and verifying mixture. Hopper holds enough powder to produce 100 gallons (379 Liters) of mixed solution. Hopper is 30” off floor level. Storage tank will purge loop line with bicarb solution (based on conductivity) by a dump-to-drain until loop conductivity equals solution in storage tank.
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