Passive wheelchair / bariatric max. 450 kg | Eclipse COBI XXL-Rehab

Passive wheelchair / bariatric max. 450 kg | Eclipse COBI XXL-Rehab
max. 450 kg | Eclipse

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XXL-Rehab Manuel Wheelchair-The Eclipse It is an adjustable wheel chair used by those who are unable to move. It can be used not just by people with moving impairments but also by people with cardiovascular and fatigue based conditions. Features -Structure and adjusting possibilities meet the needs of various bariatric body types, making it the best for the users. -Steel frame gives the wheelchair maximum strength and rigidness which makes it a long lasting wheelchair. -Frame is designed so that the user’s weight is carried on the rear wheels. The wheels are especially made for this wheelchair; they are extra hard and solid making propulsion and steering is extremely easy and with very little loss of energy. -The seat pan is also solid–anything else would be hazardous! Various medical conditions demand a solid seat pan(fractures, hemiplegic, lateral shifts) but giving a bariatric user a solid seat pan facilitates good posture and activeness in the chair.
  • Propulsion:passive
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