Chair with armrests / bariatric max. 325 kg COBI XXL-Rehab

Chair with armrests / bariatric max. 325 kg COBI XXL-Rehab
max. 325 kg

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XXL-Rehab Patient/Dinner chair is designed with strong engineering and functionality especially for the bariatric users. Armrests are designed in such a way that user can go beyond the seat. It provides a good grip to person when they are going to sit down and get up again. Armrests are bent out like a butterfly, so that the body does not get compressed while getting in/out of the chair. Armrest's butterfly structure helps the chair to provide exceptional functionality to the user, in comparison to other chairs having short and straight armrests where it is very much difficult for a bariatric user to sit comfortably and get a good grip. The chair has an adjustable height from 44 to 59 cm. Adjusting the chair to perfect height is also much important, so that users can get in and out of the chair easily. If chair's height is too high, user's feet will be lifted off the ground, making it problematic to get seated into the chair and if it is low, it will be problematic to get up.
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