Passive chilled beam / for healthcare facilities PKV TROX GmbH

Passive chilled beam / for healthcare facilities PKV TROX GmbH

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The design of the product is in the form of perforated face plate or perimeter border. It can be either installed with flush ceiling or suspended freely according to the structural dimension of the ceiling and also of the entire room. The chilled beams (independent of air supply) of the equipment are passive and these are utilized for dissipating bigger loads of internal heat. The energy advantages can be completely utilized, applying water as a medium. High cooling capacity, coupled with minimum investment costs of the device account for retro-fit installations in new buildings. The device could be incorporated with both speakers and luminaires. A single solution is provided which is ideal for architectural notion. The dealer should be contacted for specifications. The chilled beam does not contain any components which are mobile. As a consequence, any irritation caused by any noise are successfully prevented.
  • Technology:passive
  • Medical establishment:for healthcare facilities