Active chilled beam / for healthcare facilities DID-R TROX GmbH

Active chilled beam / for healthcare facilities DID-R TROX GmbH

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This high quality circular flush ceiling mounted induction diffuser with active chilled beam is worth buying. It gives buyer numerous option for design configurations. Some if its striking features are:- -It comes in circular or square face -It is provided with a side entry spigot for fresh air -In order to keep the water temperatures low and chilled it comes with heat exchanger vertically mounted along condensate drip tray -Installation into false ceilings Circular ceiling-mounted induction diffuser with chilled element Type DID-R comprises a casing with a primary air duct and integral induction nozzles are circular with various free areas. Additionally, side entry circular spigot is provided for duct connection on site. The induction nozzles are available in three different types, to provide optimum volume flow at the desired and required rate. In the middle of the casing, there is a circular coil with flanged frame. Below the coil comes a condensate tray with drainage pipe.The coil can be used for the heating or the cooling operation (two-pipe system).
  • Medical establishment:for healthcare facilities
  • Technology:active