Healthcare facility air diffuser IDH TROX GmbH

Healthcare facility air diffuser IDH TROX GmbH

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IDH has a one or two way air discharge. It can be fitting in broad height spaces. Induction diffusers of type IDH leading for broad halls. It is suitable for removal of high room loads using water and air. Due to the partial vacuum, induction breath flows from the hall over one, or, depending on the version, two laterally arranged heat exchangers through which water flows. Top entry spigot for fresh air. It has high capacity for broad halls. The primary air is discharged via discharge nozzles in the pressure chamber in such a way that a part vacuum is shaped in the casing. It consist of the casing with integrated pressure chamber and round breath entry spigots. Freely suspended installation. Heat exchanger vertically mounted with condensate drip tray for low chilled water temperatures.
  • Medical establishment:for healthcare facilities