Oxygen nasal cannula / capnography 032-10-1xx series Flexicare Medical

Oxygen nasal cannula / capnography 032-10-1xx series Flexicare Medical
032-10-1xx series

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Monitoring patient's breathing in emergency and critical situations is of paramount importance. Delivering oxygen ensures the level of oxygen saturation in the blood is maintained and this sometimes is monitored and measured by a pulse oximeter. However, the pulse oximeter does not provide breath by breath patient ventilator status. Capnography is the vital sign of ventilation. By tracking the patient's expired CO2 clinicians can evaluate the ventilation condition of the patient during critical emergency situations, and make the judgment to assess and treat the patient. Easy Fit with Good Seal The soft, pliable mask moulds easily to the patient's face, whilst the feather rim provides maximum comfort to the patient. Star Lumen Tubing, Secured Oxygen Delivery Star Lumen Tubing, supplied with international standard conforming connectors, ensures that the flow of oxygen is maintained even if the tube is kinked. Clear Observation of Face Colour The mask is made of transparent soft PVC to allow visual inspection. Nose Clip Adult Dual masks are also available with a nose clip.
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