Manual-fill humidification chamber Flexicare Medical

Manual-fill humidification chamber Flexicare Medical
Flexicare Medical

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Under normal circumstances inspired gas is warmed, filtered and moistened during its passage through the upper airways, a process which is bypassed by endotracheal intubation and tracheostomy exposing the lungs and airways to dry cold gas giving rise to a number of adverse effects including: An increase in Mucus Viscosity, Depressed ciliary activity and Obstruction of the airways by tenacious secretions. Artificial humidification of inspired gases is therefore essential when the upper respiratory tract is bypassed. Manual and Auto Fill Chambers share the following features: Compatible with all circuits 22mm connectors allow compatibility with the wide range of circuits available. Clear construction Clear construction of the humidification chamber allows constant monitoring of the water. Heat Transfer Effective Heat Transfer From Aluminium Base. Durable The durable construction means that the chamber is impact resistant. Gas Flow Diverters The diverters ensure the patient receives a higher level of humidified air, by maximizing the flow as it passes through the chamber.
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