Laryngoscope endoscope / Macintosh laryngoscope / rigid BritePro Solo Flexicare Medical

Laryngoscope endoscope / Macintosh laryngoscope / rigid BritePro Solo Flexicare Medical
BritePro Solo

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The only complete laryngoscope solution that combines disposable LED handle, with fitted battery and fibre optic blade in a single, sterile pack. BritePro Solo is always ready for use when you are. Patient Safety Sterile, sealed and ready to use with an integral powersource and light, BritePro Solo eliminates risk of cross contamination. Excellent Visualisation Bright, focused, high-intensity illumination with a true fibre optic shrouded bundle. Comfort Grip Handle incorporates a textured grip which provides excellent control and feel, even when using gloves. Convenient Complete and ready to use, the packaging design enables users to check the function without removal from the sterile pouch. Reduced Risk of Soft Tissues Injury Rounded tip and edges provides gentle touch on patient's soft tissues. Positive Locking System The triple sprung ball bearing design creates a secure and strong fit. Wide Choice Full range of true Macintosh and Miller blades. Flexibility Ability to exchange blade for another fibre optic blade, without changing the handle. BriteBlade Solo features a fibre optic hybrid metal laryngoscope blade, with a reinforced nylon base locking system designed for single patient use. The handle is compatible with all green specification blades. With a range of Mac & Miller Blades, BritePro Solo offers with a lower overall cost than reusable purchase, maintenance, cleaning and sterilisation costs.
  • Type of endoscope:laryngoscope, Macintosh laryngoscope
  • Shaft:rigid
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