Oxygen mask / facial / PVC / medium-concentration 032-10-001, 032-10-009 Flexicare Medical

Oxygen mask / facial / PVC / medium-concentration 032-10-001, 032-10-009 Flexicare Medical
032-10-001, 032-10-009

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The Venticaire Medium Concentration Mask is a small capacity variable performance mask. At a flow rate of 6-8 litres/minute the Venticaire MC Mask delivers an oxygen concentration of 40% to 50% depending on the patients breathing rate and tidal volume. Easy Fit with Good Seal The soft, pliable mask moulds easily to the patient's face. The feather rim provides maximum comfort to the patient. Patient Comfort The adult mask is offered with head strap or earloops. This will allow easy fitting of the mask to patients whose head movements need to be restricted. Clear Observation of Face Colour and Vital Signs The mask is made of colourless and transparent soft PVC to allow visual inspection. Eliminate Risk of Patient Injury The design of the plastic nose bridge eliminates the need for a metal nose bridge, thus eliminating the risk of injury to patients especially children. Reduces Patients Eye Irritation The angled O2 Inlet directs oxygen into the nostrils, not upwards towards the eyes. Stepped Oxygen Inlet Ensures easy and safe connections to oxygen tubing. Nose Clip Adult MC masks are also available with a nose clip. The products can be identified by an NC suffix. Swivel Connector The swivel connector provides maximum patient comfort by allowing it to be rotated to the required position.
  • Material:PVC
  • Other characteristics:medium-concentration
  • Applications:oxygen
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