Nuclear medicine computer workstation / medical ?PAXERA Paxeramed Corp

Nuclear medicine computer workstation / medical ?PAXERA Paxeramed Corp

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?Paxera is a powerful and scalable viewing station for Nuclear Medicine 'NM' machines. ?Paxera supports both DICOM and non-DICOM NM machines which makes all the recent DICOM standards features readily available regardless of the machine type. With wireless controller, visual film designing and superb printing quality; ?Paxera is the perfect solution for any NM department. Supports all DICOM and non-DICOM modalities. Video capture with different supported formats. All operations can be controlled using an infrared remote controller. Supports multiple user accounts with different access rights. Fully customizable information grids. Flexible and customizable viewing formats. Flexible and fully customizable search engine that enhances the doctor's work-list construction. Easily customizable color palettes. Create custom search filters for repeated searching operations. Video/image manipulation in runtime (zoom, pan and color management). Image processing tools and filters (invert, rotate, resize, crop, emboss, etc.). Measurement tools.
  • Application domain:nuclear medicine, medical
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