Medical imaging web application / for PACS PaxeraUltima Paxeramed Corp

Medical imaging web application / for PACS PaxeraUltima Paxeramed Corp

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PaxeraUltima is a breakthrough in web-based PACS systems, PaxeraUltima works as a local based or cloud based PACS with ultra-fast unique streaming technology. The technology offers the fastest study retrieval in the industry. Studies can be ready instantly over internet or within LAN with full diagnostic non-compressed viewing with a lot of advanced diagnostic tools including MPR and 3D. PaxeraUltima provides a seamless transition to cloud PACS with easy payment model and cloud plans starting from 99¢ /study eliminating initial investment in both software and hardware. Users can sign up online and begin reading studies from the cloud within 24hours. The solution offers instant content distribution network(CDN) to get your studies from your local cloud location with flexible cloud space capacity. on dedicated servers with premium SSL encryption up to 256-bit for maximum security, clients can also take a test-drive by activating a 30 day trial account with 10GB online storage at no charge.
  • Application domain:medical imaging
  • Application:for PACS
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