Gateway medical imaging XlinkStore Paxeramed Corp

Gateway medical imaging XlinkStore Paxeramed Corp

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Paxeramed Xlink gateway is a system that accepts ACR/NEMA 1.0 images [Raw Data] from any Toshiba X-Series CT Scanner [Xpeed, Xvision, Xpress, ....] and Toshiba MRI [FlexArt, VisArt, ExcelArt,...] transferred using the [Xlink] protocol and convert it to DICOM 3.0 format and insert the patient study in Paxera system directly in a transparent way. The solution is very innovative in that Toshiba X-Series machines only transfer images using ACR/NEMA 1.0 format, this format is no longer supported by newer DICOM 3.0 compatible stations. Advantages No need to use frame grabber cards to grab the images from the modalities [no raw data only 8 bit]. All images converted with our XLinkStore gateway uses all the resolution of the raw data [12 bit, 16 bit] The system accepts multi CT modalities connected to the same XlinkStore station.
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