Medical computer workstation / for endoscopy ENDOPAXERA Paxeramed Corp

Medical computer workstation / for endoscopy ENDOPAXERA Paxeramed Corp

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EndoPaxera is a powerful workstation for various endoscopy procedures including (but not limited to) bronchoscopy, laparoscopy, colonoscopy, colposcopy, etc. EndoPaxera captures and archives the videos as cine loops so that they can easily be retrieved any time, examined by professionals or distributed to the patients on optical media. Video capture with different supported formats. Cine tool with support of many concurrent cine loop playing and complete playback controls. Support of multiple user accounts. All operations can be controlled using an infrared remote controller. Fully customizable information grids. Flexible and fully customizable search engine that enhances the doctor's work-list construction. Create custom search filters for repeated searching operations. Cine manipulation in runtime (zoom, pan and color management). Image processing tools and filters (invert, rotate, resize, crop, emboss, etc.). Measurement tools. Region of interest (ROI) processing and marking. Many different Annotation tools (arrows, lines, rectangles, etc.). Customizable statistical chart reports with different chart elements (legend, shape, color, etc.). Voice note recording during and after the examination. Reporting tool with automatic report generation. Fully featured archiving capability that allows archiving of multiple patients at the same time. Studies can be transferred to any DICOM-enabled machine for either storage, printing or CD publishing. Easily customizable and flexible visual film designer. Films (with any layout) can be printed to all color Windows printers. Teleradiology module.
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