Mobile digital mammography room EMS Mobil Sistemler

Mobile digital mammography room EMS Mobil Sistemler
EMS Mobil Sistemler

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Features Composed of six sections, specially designed large internal volume trailer Patient registration, examination, mammography screening, rest and technical rooms, WC-bathroom Latest technology Mammography system located in leadcovered room Work station area positioned for pre-examination and diagnosis of mammography takes place Automation system and intelligent programmed control panel. Rest room for healthcare crew resting having kitchen design during long journeys. Special lift system for disabled patients, positioned rear of trailer Ergonomically designed heating and cooling systems, air curtain on door entries Clean and dirty water tanks, hot water, wc and bathroom facilities Drinking water provision by reverse osmosis water purifier, which is the latest technology 10 KVA UPS instant activated incase of power failures 13 KVA single-phase diesel generator Awning fitted outer side of trailer, waterproof and easy to open Mini-fridge, tea and coffee maker Adequate amounts of storage areas Portable and hygienic chemical toilet Fire alarm Built-in tele-diaphone line
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