Microvolume spectrometer Colibri Titertek-Berthold

Microvolume spectrometer Colibri Titertek-Berthold

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Colibri is a microvolume spectrometer for measuring smallest volumes of DNA, RNA, Proteins and more. Colibri is ready for measurement, operated by colour touchscreen and offers 9 ready to use protocols (A260, A280, BCA, Lowry, Bradford, UV-VIS etc.) Fast operation in less than 5 seconds: pipet a drop of sample, measure and wipe off Stand-alone (no PC required) Patented optical design Languages: English and 10 more Print and data export options Applications Determination of nucleic acid concentration and purity of nucleic acid samples without dilution Fluorescent dye labeling density of nucleic acid microarray samples Purified protein analysis (A280) Expanded spectrum measurement and quantitation of fluorescent dye labeled proteins, conjugates, and metalloproteins Bradford, BCA, Lowry Assay for protein quantification Cell density General UV-Vis spectrophotometry
  • Spectrometer type:microvolume
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