Microplate reader Orion II Titertek-Berthold

Microplate reader Orion II Titertek-Berthold
Orion II

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Orion II is high quality microplate luminometer for 96 and 384 well plates. It is a state-of-the-art instrument offering complete configuration flexibility. It can be equipped with up to four reagent injectors, shaker and temperature control. Easy access to the wet system Low dead volume (450 µl) Dedicated luminescence software functions (single, dual, kinetics) Fast throughput through simultaneous injection Quick & unlimited flexibility of assay setup Robot compatible Applications: Reporter Gene Assays including Dual-Reporter Assays ATP Assays Kinase activity Assays Cell Proliferation, Cytotoxicity and Biomass Assays, Apoptosis Assays Nucleid Acid Probe Assays Calcium Measurements and Aequorin-based Assays Luminescent Immunoassays (LIA) Cellular Luminescence Environmental Toxicity and Mutagenicity Assays
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