Microplate reader Orion L Titertek-Berthold

Microplate reader Orion L Titertek-Berthold
Orion L

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The Orion L Microplate Luminometer is a compact, very affordable and user-friendly instrument, which uses high quality materials and advanced technologies. Very easy to maintain and upgradeable, it will be an asset to every laboratory. With the optional validation tools, verification of full functionality is performed automatically. Generic data format for result output ensure integrity of your original measurement data. Applications: - Reporter Gene Assays - ATP Assays - Luminescent Immunoassays (LIA and ILMA) - Enzyme Assays (ATP or NAD(P)H) - Nucleid Acid Probe Assays - Aequorin-based Ca++ Assays - Kinase Assays - Mycoplasma contamination (MycoAlert®) ..and many more. Sample format The Orion L will accept any luminescence-grade microplates in either white or black. Highest sensitivity is obtained with white microplates.
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