Microplate washer Zoom HT Titertek-Berthold

Microplate washer Zoom HT Titertek-Berthold
Zoom HT

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The Zoom HT Washer is a robust, rapid, and easy-to-use microplate washer. It has a built-in stacker for fully automated processing of up to 30-plate batches of 96- and 384-well plates. The self-emptying wash fluid evacuation system discards used wash fluids in unattended mode. It supports a constant aspirate flow rate during the wash cycle. It is the perfect tool for a variety of applications ranging from vigorous ELISA washing, plate coating or ELISA washing without modifications or upgrades. The flow rate can be set as high as 120 l/min or can be significantly reduced to facilitate gentle cell washing. Its versatility is derived from flexible washing parameters. When equipped with the optional Dispense Module, the Zoom HT is capable of processing complex liquid handling routines that require addition of up to two reagents between washes or immediately after washing.
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