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Management software / sharing / medical ECS Transfer EVOLUCARE
ECS Transfer

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ECS Transfer enables the secure transmission of images produced in a healthcare facility and the receipt of these on remote sites via the Internet. Optimised management of DICOM exchanges for all types of modalities. ECS Transfer enables the simple management of the exchange and provision of medical images for multi-site structures. The sites which produce the images can provide these images to remote sites for the purpose of sharing their archives or as part of a teleradiology diagnosis. In order to optimize the transmission time via the Internet, the software manages the compression before sending and then the decompression of the images without loss (DICOM lossless) once they are received on the remote site. The images are sent to the vizualisation consoles on PACS or any other DICOM modality automatically and in accordance with the specific routing regulations.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Function:sharing, management
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