Management software / medical / for hospitals ECS Evolucare Suite EVOLUCARE

Management software / medical / for hospitals ECS Evolucare Suite EVOLUCARE
ECS Evolucare Suite

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A complete hospital information system The winning combination of an efficient modular system that is tested and extremely complete with the professionalism of project teams that successfully handle even the most ambitious deployments. A collaborative platform with intuitive ergonomics, offering real-time access to exhaustive and centralized patient information; a solution that allows the computerization of all of your job processes and facilitates the digitalization of all of your paper documents, while insuring the complete traceability of actions by digital signature. ECS is an invaluable aid in the organization of care respecting best-practice standards and for the statistical exploration of your activities. The ECS medicine system represents a major improvement in the quality of care, due to its dramatic impact on the reduction of the risk of error. In association with ECS patient records and the specialized support modules, it can respond to all your needs with maximum flexibility. ECS, Medical, Surgery, Obstetrics support tool par excellence, is easily configurable; it has a powerful screen creator allowing it to adapt to your practice down to the smallest detail.
  • Medical establishment:for hospitals
  • Function:management
  • Application domain:medical
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