Management software / medical / for hospitals Medsphère EVOLUCARE

Management software / medical / for hospitals Medsphère EVOLUCARE

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The solution for private for-profit and not-for-profit health care organizations. A solution for multiple Finess (National Directory of Health and Social Establishments), multiple populations, and multiple billing rules Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, SSR (follow-up care and rehabilitation), PSY, EHPAD (Accommodation Facility for Dependent Elderly), Associative, ...) A single piece of software and a single database allowing the management of the patient "process" from hospitalization request or reservation to the complete follow-up by accounting. A completely configurable solution that communicates according to the standards of the market including an identity server, PMSI (French Diagnosis-Related Group system) integrated into the framework of T2A, and a Business Object data center solution.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Function:management
  • Medical establishment:for hospitals
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