Management software / medical / pharmacy Hygie EVOLUCARE

Management software / medical / pharmacy Hygie EVOLUCARE

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Hygie, integrated solution for hospital pharmacies, allows you to digitize all of your pharmacy processes. Its intuitive interface helps with purchase management as well as with the management of your stock and of deliveries to the services. Hygie manages all types of medicines and medical devices and responds to all your needs. HYGIE automatically calculates the needs of the pharmacy (supplier orders and deliveries to the services) and provides you with all of the usage statistics. You can use HYGIE very simply, but also benefit from very productive advanced functionalities: alerts and automatic suggestions of supply orders according to restocking needs, automatic suggestions of collection plans with management of equivalences, suggestions of substitutions... HYGIE stores all useful data about your products and suppliers. We integrate the BCB and VIDAL drug databases as well as logistical data from your central purchasing agency or purchasing group with updates when the market changes.
  • Medical establishment:pharmacy
  • Application domain:medical
  • Function:management
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