Mammograph films X-ray film processor COMPACT 2 Mammo PROTEC

Mammograph films X-ray film processor COMPACT 2 Mammo PROTEC

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High performance and profitability - specially designed for the development of highly sensitive X-ray mammography films. COMPACT 2 Mammo is our most powerful processor for perfect and fast processing of mammography films. Using appropriate films and chemicals designated for mammography images, it provides high-contrast mammography images. The one-piece body housing is unique for a heavy duty processor. In combination with the most robust components used for the COMPACT 2 Mammo it stands for reliability and precision. Film detection with four infrared sensors allows intelligent and economic replenishment depending on the processed film surface, with individually adjustable rates. This saves chemicals and provides high image quality constantly. Parameters like processing time, temperatures and replenishment rates can be set individually and stored in five different programs. In addition acoustic and visual controls make operation convenient and safe. The anti-crystallisation and anti-oxidation programs in combination with the continuous circulation of the chemicals ensure permanent readiness for use and consistent good image quality.
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