Veterinary radiography flat panel detector / portable RAPIXX 3326VP PROTEC

Veterinary radiography flat panel detector / portable RAPIXX 3326VP PROTEC

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DR flat panel VET - RAPIXX 3326VP RAPIXX 3326VP Portable 33x26 flat panel - durable, high quality CsI detector designed for the toughest working environments. Especially in veterinary environments, the positioning of the image receptor close to an animal is a challenge and therefore flexibility is an essential requirement. As a portable DR-system, RAPIXX 3326VP convinces with its unique mobility due to the extremely lightweight and robust detector with handle – ideal for all those veterinarian doctors who also perform X-rays “on-site” outside their clinic (e. g. equine vets). CONAXX VET image acquisition software is one key component of the system, standing out with its sophisticated and intuitive workflow – a feature that makes the difference and perfectly matches the procedures of daily work in veterinary clinics and surgeries. It is designed for both stationary or mobile application. Filters which are particularly developed for animal application with automated advanced image processing ensure the generation of digital images in outstanding quality within a matter of seconds. Top 5 product features: Comfortable mobility for on site x-ray examinations: a very compact and fully digital “lightweight” (detector with only 3,4 kg) Accessory option: special transport case High dynamic range in X-ray images Velocity: acquisition of optimum image in 3-10 seconds “on-site” Ideal workflow by CONAXX VET due to full screen quick-preview along with automated image transfer – this enables speedy exposure series with a laptop computer.
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