Multipurpose radiography flat panel detector / portable RAPIXX 4336M PROTEC

Multipurpose radiography flat panel detector / portable RAPIXX 4336M PROTEC

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Wired, portable flat panel in the 43x36 standard cassette format - one detector for wall and table shots. The direct radiography system RAPIXX 4336M in his different versions represent state-of-the-art technology for 43 x 36 cm DR-flatpanels. Each system includes a high-end detector with the particularly adapted CONAXX DR software along with the matching interface box for simple sychronisation with the X-ray unit. RAPIXX 4336M DR-Systems feature ruggedized, portable flatpanels which provide top flexibility in handling and patient positioning. They allow users to work closely with patients in emergency situations, intensive care, operating rooms and when dealing with immobilized patients. The different RAPIXX sets are ideal for use as an integral component when buying a completely new X-ray unit, and equally as a retrofit package for integration into an existing, conventional X-ray unit where a conversion into a digital system is intended. In doing so, the PROTEC DR-Buckys as well as the optional X-ray generator connection by CONAXX compliment each other perfectly. Top 5 product features - RAPIXX 4336M: Complete set of portable detector, interface box, CONAXX DR-software (X-ray generator connection as option) Your choice of different scintillator versions Detectors are standard cassette-sized with permanent power connection, thus existing bucky can be used in case of DR retrofit (depending on customer/market requirements) Optionally, an enclosure with handle is available In “hot swap” version, the detector can be unplugged and switched between wall stand and X-ray table while the X-ray unit is active
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