Medical software / veterinary / medical imaging CONAXX VET PROTEC

Medical software / veterinary / medical imaging CONAXX VET PROTEC

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With a few clicks to the perfect X-ray image - intuitive, for the veterinary practice optimized touchscreen application for image generation. CONAXX VET is a user-friendly and intuitionally operable system for the acquisition of x-ray images. On a touchscreen monitor the software guides you in a user-friendly way through the complete workflow according to the process in a small animal clinic. CONAXX VET supports you in operating the CR- or DR-system, image processing and optimization, up to data transfer for subsequent image diagnosis and archiving. In addition, CONAXX VET offers a wide range of supplemental functions (e.g. support for EMR and various DICOM-services), which are bundled in individual modules. The basic system comprises the following functions: owner and animal identification, creation of x-ray jobs, image preview and optimization as well as data transfer and archiving. Top 5 product features: Modular design with comprehensive supplement options Workflow for CR und DR identical Compatible with all DICOM PACS Customized programming and OEM-versions possible Automatic image optimization with AIP with special organ-filters for animals
  • Application domain:medical imaging, veterinary, medical
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