Magnetic therapy table (physiotherapy) / magnetic field generator PMT QS ASA

Magnetic therapy table (physiotherapy) / magnetic field generator PMT QS ASA

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T Qs is the device with an innovative design that is ergonomic, easy to use and equipped with trolley. The pulsed magnetic field generator is controlled by a microprocessor that manages 3 independent channels: each channel has 2 outputs to which 4 solenoids and 2 Flexa applicators can be connected. PMT Qs, available automatic or manual versions, is supplied with couch, a ø 80 cm solenoid and 2 Flexa applicators with vibration. Optional accessories can be added to create different configurations, with the possibility of connecting up to 4 couches, two of which automatic. With the manual version, the operator finds it easier to position the solenoid on the area to be treated thanks to the fact that it slides easily on aluminium guides with safety block. With the automatic version, the electromechanical moving system automatically positions the solenoid on the area to be treated, returning to the initial position when therapy has ended. It can also scan automatically and continually between two established positions, or with a defined permanence time on each of the two positions. The PMT Qs devices apply ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) magnetic fields in parallel to the longitudinal axis of the body by way of the solenoids, or perpendicular to the area to be treated through the Flexa applicators. The flexible applicators are particularly suited for localized treatment and for healing long bone fractures.
  • Type:magnetic field generator, magnetic therapy table
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