Acupuncture laser / Nd:YAG / on trolley HIRO® 3.0 ASA

Acupuncture laser / Nd:YAG / on trolley HIRO® 3.0 ASA
HIRO® 3.0

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HIRO® 3.0, FDA approved, is the most complete device for Hilterapia® which, in addition to healing oedema and muscular pain very effectively and giving a deep-seated analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, encourages the repair and regeneration processes to give an effective action on insertional pathologies and arthrosis. Thanks to the specific patented impulse, HIRO® 3.0 reaches very high power peaks (3kW) with an Nd:YAG pulsed source (wavelength 1064 nm). The high intensity obtained (up to 15,000 W/cm2 that even today cannot be reached by other laser technologies), added to high energetic impact, effectively cure even the deepest chronic lesions. The duration and frequency of the HILT® impulse means that its use is always safe, because it constantly maintains the skin temperature below the thermal damage threshold. Main indications: arthrosis and chondropathy; bursitis, epicondylitis, impingement syndrome; tendinitis and tenosynovitis; oedema and hematomas caused by trauma; post-trauma or overload pathologies, muscular lesions and contractures, adductor syndromes, tibia tarsic distorsions, enthesopathy, plantar fasciitis. Technical characteristics High intensity pulsed Nd:YAG source Peak power: 3kW Impulse energy (max) 350 mJ Average power: 10.5 W Fluence: 1780 mJ/cm2 Impulse duration <120 us
  • Application:acupuncture
  • Amplifying medium:Nd:YAG
  • Ergonomics:on trolley
Via A. Volta, 9,
Arcugnano (VI)
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