Magnetic field generator (physiotherapy) / portable / 1-channel EASY QS ASA

Magnetic field generator (physiotherapy) / portable / 1-channel EASY QS ASA

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EASY Qs is a practical and portable device, easy to use and intuitive, particularly suitable for targeted treatment. The Flexa applicators (supplied) have a flexible shape so they can be adapted to all the body surfaces and maintain magnetic field emission constant and uniform. In this way field emission remains perpendicular to the application surface. The longitudinal ionic currents created in this manner give the best osteogenesis stimulation, resulting as being particularly useful for treating long bone fractures. The Flexa applicators also have an effective vibration which can be used when the massage is therapeutic and/or enjoyed by the patient. EASY Qs offers pre-set treatment programmes, giving the operator the possibility to personalize the emission parameters according to the type of patient, pathology and the clinical phase. The EASY Qs pulsed magnetic fields with low frequency and low intensity (ELF – Extremely Low Frequency) that work on all the tissues (muscular, bone, nerve, epithelial) pass through the organism and influence all the organs. The fields work in-depth, are not invasive, do not cause pain and do not have any side effects. ELF magnetic fields positively modulate the cell metabolism because they improve the consumption of oxygen and stimulate the ionic currents that favour bone integrity. Even those who have plates for osteosynthesis, screws, endoprostheses can be treated with EASY Qs magnet therapy, as long as there are no thermal modifications.
  • Ergonomics:portable
  • Number of channels:1-channel
  • Type:magnetic field generator
Via A. Volta, 9,
Arcugnano (VI)
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