Biostimulation laser / diode / on trolley Mphi 5 ASA

Biostimulation laser / diode / on trolley Mphi 5 ASA
Mphi 5

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Mphi 5 means simplicity and precision even when treating large volumes of tissue, such as important portions of muscle fascia or complete articulations. It transmits the MLS® impulse onto a Target Area with a diameter of 5 cm, optimal for an excellent therapeutic result. Mphi 5 easily reaches all the parts to be treated and means laser therapy can be applied to affected areas and trigger points. The extent of the lit area and the size of the handpiece Target Area (diameter 2 cm) makes it possible to work simultaneously and uniformly on trigger points. MLS® impulse biostimulation minimizes muscular pain until it abates in much less time than when traditional laser therapy is used. The therapeutic programmes that are set make it easier for the operator to select treatment, and the multidiode applicator CHARLIE (with a Target Area of diameter 5 cm) works on extended areas of the body in a short time. Main indications: sprains, muscle tears, tendinitis, brachial neuralgia, craniofacial pain, bursitis, lumbago, arthritis, articular pain, oedema, hematoma. MLS® Laser Therapy improves the blood circulation and muscle relaxation; it also stimulates soft tissue repair – connective and epidermic – when injuries, burns or bed sores are present.
  • Amplifying medium:diode
  • Application:biostimulation
  • Ergonomics:on trolley
Via A. Volta, 9,
Arcugnano (VI)
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