Lumbar support belt / with reinforcements SecuTec® Lumbo Bauerfeind

Lumbar support belt / with reinforcements SecuTec® Lumbo Bauerfeind
SecuTec® Lumbo

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The SecuTec Lumbo is a functional orthosis for the reduction of lordosis. Lordosis means the condition of Hollow back that is common after a back operation. The main feature of the SecuTec Lumbo is that it supports the spine with a strong carbon-fibre frame. It can be fitted easily as it is light. It is highly recommended for a better lower back control. The device is very useful in restricting the rotational movements of the hips. You can adjust the degree of stabilization as the treatment progresses. In the later stages of treatment the frame can be removed to reduce the movement restrictions. Slowly as there is gradual mobilization the degree of stabilization can be changed. However, you must ensure that there is a constant balance between stability and activation. The SecuTec Lumbo comes with a bridging frame that can easily give stability to the surgical outcome soon after the surgery.
  • Options:with reinforcements
  • Type of spine support:lumbar
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