Laser-based thickness measurement system CheckLITE Milestone

Laser-based thickness measurement system CheckLITE Milestone

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This laser-based device measures thickness of specimens. It serves as an objective reference during grossing procedures. It improves productivity of the operator while reducing stress. It also reduces the need for reprocessing. It raises processing quality by making sure that thickness of specimens meet chosen protocols. The inconsistency of thickness during operator cutting can be resolved with the CheckLITE laser-based thickness measuring apparatus. When the green light is on, it means that specimen is under or at the preset thickness. If the red light is on, the sample is above the preset thickness and should be cut again or set aside for another processing protocol. CheckLITE has unique features including a non-contact and instant readout. It's also highly sensitive at 80 microns. It doesn't need calibration. Moreover, it is made for the harsh environment expected from a grossing station.
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