Decalcification system fixing BoneSTATION Milestone

Decalcification system fixing BoneSTATION Milestone

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If you want an advanced system for decalcification and fixation of several bone tissues, you can never go wrong with the BoneSTATION. From the name itself, it is an innovative and the latest workstation that gives the user total control of pre-analytical steps at the same time produces reliable and accurate diagnostic results that are useful in molecular and morphology studies. At first glance of the front platform which is where decalcification is being performed, you can see the heating plate that is equipped with infrared sensors that will give the users temperature control. The back platform features only the magnetic stirring and this is usually where fixation is being conducted. BoneSTATION can process any type of decalcifier/fixative which can be powerful mineral acids. It can also work with any surface like PTFE polymer or glass container. With the help of the magnetic stirrer, BoneSTATION ensures clients that they homogenous set of temperatures while processing is going on.
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