Laparoscopic needle holder ENDOPATH® Ethicon Endo Surgery

Laparoscopic needle holder ENDOPATH® Ethicon Endo Surgery

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ENDOPATH® Needle Holder and ENDOPATH® Self-Righting Needle Holder is the exclusive needle holder designed with absolute precision for the convenience of its users. ENDOPATH® Needle Holders provide a comfortable palmable in-line handle with combined ratchet for fitting comfortably and functioning ideally. There is an exclusive spring, which allows tensioning on various needle wire diameters and thus preventing premature locking of instrument jaws, when an engraved shaft conveys the exact positioning of the instrument. The ENDOPATH® needle holder has right control when it is used with EEN and SH needle types. It can also be used with other curved, as well as, compound needles. ENDOPATH® Self-Righting Needle Holder orients needles vertically by its own, and thus provides needle and suture manipulation in a single instrument. Ethicon Endo-Surgery Purse String Clamp is also available o assist the user.
  • Medical procedure:laparoscopic
United Kingdom

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