Dissection forceps / laparoscopic ENDOPATH® Ethicon Endo Surgery

Dissection forceps / laparoscopic ENDOPATH® Ethicon Endo Surgery

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ENDOPATH® Endoscopic Instruments ENDOPATH® Endoscopic Instruments has facilitate grasping, mobilisation, dissection, and transection of tissue. All of our ENDOPATH Endoscopic Instruments are: Ergonomic – comfort and functionality Effective – intelligent designs that satisfy a range of procedural requisite Our ENDOPATH Endoscopic Instruments have a rotating 5mm, or 10mm diameter shaft. Key Aspects Advanced utilize ENDOP: They are advanced for utilize through ENDOPATH Surgical Trocars and FLEXIPATH® Flexible Surgical Trocars. Instruments include babco: Our instruments include babcocks, graspers, curved dissector and scissors . A 360 degree: Features: A 360 degree rotation knob on the handle – maneuverability Ratchet handles – to lock jaws in place Jaws or scissor blades ENDOPATH® Dissectors Our ENDOPATH® Endoscopic Blunt Tip and Cherry Tip Dissectors facilitate dissection of tissue in a assortment of minimally invasive procedures. ENDOPATH Dissectors: Our ENDOPATH Dissectors have a 5mm or 10mm shaft of approximately 40cm in length with a cotton tip dissector at the distal end. Progressive usage: They are advanced for utilize.
  • Application:dissection, laparoscopic
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