Laboratory microscope / optical / fluorescence / monocular CyScope® mini Sysmex Partec GmbH

Laboratory microscope / optical / fluorescence / monocular CyScope® mini Sysmex Partec GmbH
CyScope® mini

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Ultra Small and Portable Fluorescence Microscope for Malaria Diagnostics The Partec CyScope® mini is a new uniquely innovative microscope for fluorescence light detection that employs incident UV light detection. It integrates the most recently available generation of powerful high-efficiency LED light sources with an extremely long lifetime of several thousand hours as well as the most sophisticated optics. This is the first time a dedicated, portable point-of-care fluorescence microscope is being offered. The Partec CyScope® mini features excitation by a high-power ultraviolet LED (365nm) for the Partec Rapid Malaria Test. The Partec Rapid Malaria Test is a DNA specific staining kit, delivered as prepared and ready-to-use test slides carrying the dry/lyophilized reagents on the slide surface. This test kit offers the easiest and most rapid protocol for high sensitivity Malaria diagnosis, while avoiding any need for cold chain and cold storage. By supplying this dedicated, reliable, and rapid diagnostic solution, the Partec Essential Healthcare division is supporting the global fight against Malaria.
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