Laboratory microscope / optical / fluorescence / binocular CyScope® TB Sysmex Partec GmbH

Laboratory microscope / optical / fluorescence / binocular CyScope® TB Sysmex Partec GmbH
CyScope® TB

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The Partec CyScope® is a new uniquely innovative microscope for fluorescence light detection. It employs incident blue light and transmitted light detection, either simultaneously or separately. It also integrates the latest available generation of powerful high-efficiency LED light sources with an extremely long lifetime of several thousand hours as well as the most sophisticated optics. This is the first time a fluorescence microscope has been designed for portability and with the ability to operate for several hours without a regular power supply. The Partec CyScope® TB features excitation by a high-power royal blue LED (455nm) for Auramine-based TB staining kits. For the CyScope® TB, an optional CCD camera upgrade is offered for taking images of the slide for further investigation by image analysis software on a WindowsTM based PC. The CyScope® is developed and produced in Germany, following the long German tradition of manufacturing using the highest quality techniques in optics and microscopy. The effective unit price for the CyScope® Plus TB starts at only EUR 990.00. By supplying this dedicated, reliable, and rapid diagnostic product, Partec Essential Healthcare is supporting the global fight against TB.
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