Flow cytometer / ultra-compact / bench-top CyFlow® Space Sysmex Partec GmbH

Flow cytometer / ultra-compact / bench-top CyFlow® Space Sysmex Partec GmbH
CyFlow® Space

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Ultra-Compact, High-End, Multi-Laser, Benchtop Flow Cytometry System This family of ultra-compact, high-end, multi-laser, benchtop flow cytometry systems is highly versatile and can be equipped for most applications in cell and particle analysis and absolute counting. The CyFlow® Space detects two different forward scatter signals and one side scatter in combination with up to 13 colors of fluorescence and can be equipped with the CyFlow® Sorter for diamond-piezo-based, closed, non-destructive and non-hazardous cell and particle sorting of the highest purity. Progress in component development and the availability of powerful and robust solid state lasers has allowed Partec to design these unique high-performance, ultra-compact flow cytometers. The CyFlow® Space instruments can perform a wide variety of measurements. Real-time data acquisition and analysis, as well as real-time data display, is performed by using FloMax®, the Windows™-based flow cytometry software. The CyFlow® Space allow the user to perform True Volumetric Absolute Counting of cells and particle and their subsets identified by their light scattering and fluorescence characteristics. For different excitation wavelengths, various diode, solid state, or Nd:YAG-lasers can be used in configurations of up to 5 simultaneous light sources.
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