Laboratory incubator See Test TECNO-GAZ

Laboratory incubator See Test TECNO-GAZ
See Test

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The coming of the new norms has seen the considerable increase of the responsibilities for each operator. The role of periodical controls for the validity of the professional equipment is therefore determinant. The control is even more necessary for the autoclave; this equipment has infact a delicate and decisive role in any medical cabinet. The most probatory and real method to validate the cycles of sterilization and to test the validity of its own autoclave is, without any doubt, the culture of the bacterial spores. Tecno-Gaz has realized SEE -TEST, a professional incubator for biological indicators. SEE -TEST Alows the thermic preservation of the phials containing the culture medium. Automatic working. Cycle 57° C for steam autoclaves Cycle 37° C for gas autoclaves
Sala Baganza (PR)
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