Sedation machine wall-mount Master Flux Plus TECNO-GAZ

Sedation machine wall-mount Master Flux Plus TECNO-GAZ
Master Flux Plus

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This sedation product has flow control automatically and is the unique sedation machine is researched and created in Italy. All the parts are created by Tecno-Gaz and have been deeply inspected. The front contains the box for flow control and has accessories. Master Flux Plus passed all tests for stability by directives of EN 60204. It comes with box for flow control, bag for breathing control, 1 hose that is corrugated, 1 circuit for each, adult and child masks, a connector and hose for oxygen reducer, connector and hose for N20 reducer. The control box is designed for mechanical engineering and delivers automatically proportionate. This method was put there due to direct management of gas that is not like others.
Sala Baganza (PR)
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