Medical autoclave / bench-top Hydra EVO Plus TECNO-GAZ

Medical autoclave / bench-top Hydra EVO Plus TECNO-GAZ
Hydra EVO Plus

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Pre-set, non-modificable cycles Preset temperatures The temperatures set for our autoclave cycles are 134°C and 121°C. The 134°C cycles are normally used for the sterilization of solid and ferrous materials. 121°C cycles are normally used for sterilization of thermoplastic and delicate materials. Operating cycles The Hydra EVO line is equipped to perform 2 sterilization cycles: 1 sterilization cycle at 134°C 1 sterilization cycle at 121°C Water tank The autoclave line model Hydra EVO only has one water tank. This tank must be filled with distilled or demineralized water and acts as a container for collecting the used water which is then re-utilized for new cycles. Safety on the door Each door is equipped with 2 locks: a mechanical one which does not open when pressure is exerted a dynamic one, that operates thanks to a special form of door seal Safety devices installed Certified safety valve PED on sterilization chambers Insulation of the chamber with certified ceramic material. Controls on the Autoclave Control of the water that enters into the chamber Safety Thermostat Time Control
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