Dental autoclave / bench-top / programmable Aura B TECNO-GAZ

Dental autoclave / bench-top / programmable Aura B TECNO-GAZ
Aura B

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Aura B (The Aura project) has the aim to develop a new concept of sterilization, not only a new autoclave. The result is the use of the most advanced technology together with the unique experience of an international market leader. Main features of which are the new locking system based on an electric/electronic and dynamic mechanism managed by the vacuum pump which allows perfect locking even if the gasket is old or worn and the new water distribution network connection (Pura system). Other accessories include: 1 closed tray holder, 4 aluminium tray holders, 1 double-use key for tray extraction and door adjustment, water loading and unloading hoses, chamber cleaning sponge.
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