Laboratory drying oven OP SERIES LTE Scientific

Laboratory drying oven OP SERIES LTE Scientific

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The OP series of ovens offers maximum flexibility and unparalleled performance for the ever-increasing demands of today's laboratory and process facility. Traditional quality and modern manufacturing techniques linked with LTE built-in reliability mean that the OP Series represents excellent value. Flexibility The OP Series is available in 4 sizes from 60 to 250 litres. Customers can choose between fan circulated or natural convection options, plus there is a choice of PID control systems to suit most applications as detailed below: 'U' Models This Uni-program system offers single temperature selection and control at the push of a button. Following a mains power failure, the controller will automatically re-instate. 'M' Models Our powerful new Multi-program controller will allow up to 8 multiple-step cycles to be stored in the memory at any one time. It also incorporates a selectable temperature ramping function, which allows controlled temperature rise and fall rates to be programmed into a cycle. At the end of a program sequence, the controller can be programmed to stop or repeat the sequence again. The repeat function can be programmed for a specified number of repeats or it can repeat continuously until interrupted. Following a mains power failure, 'M' models have 3 recovery options (cycle hold, start cycle from the beginning or re-start cycle from point of interruption).
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