Storage cabinet / endoscope / for healthcare facilities / on casters Scope Store ENT LTE Scientific

Storage cabinet / endoscope / for healthcare facilities / on casters Scope Store ENT LTE Scientific
Scope Store ENT

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The Scope-Store ENT range from LTE Scientific has been specifically designed to provide drying and filtered air storage for a wide range of flexible ENT scopes. The range comprises of 6 models with 2 levels of control: + and SE. Scope capacities are 5, 10 and 20. Our ENT V5 and V5 SE models can be bench mounted or can be supplied with an optional mobile stand. All models incorporate a built-in fan and HEPA filter system which delivers a high volume of 99.997% HEPA filtered air through the cabinet and maintains an over-pressure within the cabinet of at least 10 Pascals. The hanger/holder system has been specifically designed to support ENT scopes and promote effective drying. Our + models incorporate a flexible and sophisticated control system which works on the same principles as our mainstream Scope-Store + range which is described below. Touchscreen Controls The Scope-Store ENT+ has an easy-to-use touchscreen control system. The menu-based interface allows details of each user and endoscope to be recorded easily, with relevant data being clearly displayed. Scope Identification Scope IDs are pre-loaded into the control system. The identity of the scope and its location in the cabinet must be entered via the touchscreen before the door is released and the scope loaded. When the scope is to be removed, it must be logged out via the touchscreen in order to release the door. This procedure allows the scope to be fully traceable. Alternatively scopes can be scanned in and out of the cabinet using our barcode reader option.
  • Medical establishment:for healthcare facilities
  • Use:endoscope
  • Applications:storage
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