Laboratory autoclave / vertical LABCLAVE 23 LTE Scientific

Laboratory autoclave / vertical LABCLAVE 23 LTE Scientific

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The new 23-litre vertical autoclave from LTE Scientific The Labclave 23 is LTE Scientific’s new low-cost 23-litre laboratory autoclave. It has been designed to offer effective and fast sterilization of many laboratory load types including fluids, discard, glassware and instruments. Taking up a floor area of just 460mm x 395mm, Labclave 23 has to be one of the most compact and versatile units available.. Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel – This one piece pressure vessel is manufactured from high grade 304L stainless steel, and comes with a 5-year warranty against failure. Push-Button Door Closure – Our ingenious door closure system seals and locks the door at the push of a button. The servo-assisted motor ensures a positive seal every time. Flexible Control System – Labclave 23 comes with 8 pre-set programs covering the most popular sterilization cycle. In addition, a ‘free cycle’ is also provided, allowing you to set your own specific cycle parameters quickly and easily. See table for further details.
  • Configuration:vertical
  • Application domain:laboratory
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