Inhalation chamber VORTEX® Pari

Inhalation chamber VORTEX® Pari

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For all common metered dose inhalers (MDI) Antistatic metallic chamber ensures reliable dosage Small, light and handy "Press and breathe in" this might be the short version of the instructions for using a MDI. Unfortunately, it is not quite so easy for many patients, especially for children and the elderly. Both groups often have difficulty triggering the spray and breathing in at the same time. As a result, this often means that more of the medication is deposited in the mouth and throat. The antistatic VORTEX holding chamber, helps to overcome these drawbacks of MDIs. After the metered spray discharge is triggered, the patient has time in which to breathe the medication from the VORTEX. It is thus much easier to coordinate pressing and inhaling, and a reliable dosage makes the therapy more certain. Due to the unique cyclone twist principle medication cloud is stirred into a vortex when the patient breathes in. Under these conditions, the fine droplets are directed towards the lungs and the mouth and throat remains largely free from unwanted medication deposits. The VORTEX is dishwasher-safe, can be boiled, disinfected and sterilised for use in hospitals. The masks provided are removable and interchargeable. For example, baby mask ladybug can easily be replaced with child mask frog as the child grows older.
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